My company has used them from GPS installs, to audio systems, to HID lights and more for over 4 years, John and his wife, as well as Kyle, are nothing but straight up good people trying to make a living. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


So I bought a Kenwood bass tube and amp package deal on amazon, and went on the search for a place to get it installed. First, I went to another place, not to name names, it was David’s Car Stereo. I had been there before for a quick fuse fix and everything went well. Unfortunately this time the guy working at the desk was a little overwhelmed. I walked in, he was already helping another guy with an issue on which radio app to use in his truck. While I was waiting, another guy walked in behind me and started waiting, and the phone rang 2 or 3 times while he was helping the original guy. So it was about 15 minutes of standing there before I could get a price quote.

I decided to try Audio & Security Systems since I had passed by it many times on my way to the gym. Looked like a legit operation. I walked in, and was immediately greeted and helped by the front desk receptionist. I told her I wanted a price quote and she asked John to come inside to help me out. When I told him what I had bought, he walked out to my car without hesitation to get a first hand look. I liked that because it didn’t happen at the first place. John took time to make sure he knew exactly what I had and what we needed to do. He gave me a price that was a little less than the first place, and since the customer service was so much better, I knew who I was gonna do business with.

I set up an appointment for the following morning, and my subwoofer and amp were installed in about 3 hours. They did a great job installing my subwoofer centered in the back of my trunk with the logo showing perfectly in the middle. The amp was also installed right next to it in a place that would be easily accessible if I needed to make adjustments. All I have to do is fold my rear seat down and my amp settings are right freaking there. Love it.

It’s all about the little things, and A&S Systems did all the little things that make the difference for the customer. Of course I would recommend them to anyone in the market to make aftermarket modifications to their car.

Christopher Walker, Kenwood Bass Tube and Amp Package

This is the SECOND Honda S2000 that John hooked up for me. The first was a 2002. He did a great job fitting a 12″ SUB into the truck of my car!!! If you’re at all familiar with the S2000s, you’re probably scratching your head right about now. He did the same exact thing in my 2005 Honda S2000!!! I am so happy with the outcome of my car that words can’t even begin to describe it. Thumbs up to this company for doing such amazing work.

Han Soto, 2005 Honda S2000